Benefits Of Using Natural Body Butters

1. Apply it all over your body as a moisturizer. After your daily shower or bath when your skin is still moist is the best time. Massage a bit of butter into your skin in broad strokes. Don't use too much or your skin may become greasy.

2. Rejuvenate your hair! Body butter can also be used on dry and stressed hair. Let a small amount of the butter melt in your hand before applying it to the tip of your hair. Wash it with warm water, dry it, and enjoy silky and fragrant hair.

3. Remove any sticky make-up. To remove the day's makeup, apply a tiny bit of body butter to a moistened cotton pad. Avoid getting body butter in your eyes.

4. Use body butter on neglected areas such as your neckline and lips. Gently massage a small amount of butter between your palms, starting from your chest and moving up your neck. Or use a tiny bit instead of lip balm when needed.

5. Body butters are great for dry elbows and knees. Keep a small pot of it in your bag, in your desk drawer at work, or even in your bedside cabinet so you can use it at any time. Apply a second layer to problem areas if necessary.

6. Apply soothing hand cream. Every person with green fingers knows how their hands feel after gardening for a couple of hours. It feels wonderful to use a rich body butter after thoroughly washing your hands. Imagine having soft digits instead of cracked knuckles and dry hands.